Why Take An Indian Head Massage Training Course?

The Indian head massage is an ancient therapeutic treatment that has been practiced in India for thousands of years, and is incredibly relaxing.

At the Cambridgeshire Beauty Academy we offer training courses on Indian Head Massages and we often get asked lots of questions on the health benefits.

It’s important for everyone to know these benefits so you can provide useful information to your clients. However, don’t bombard them with facts and science from the get-go, it’s important they feel relaxed during the massage.

1. Will an Indian Head Massage help with hair loss?

Regular scalp massage certainly improves blood circulation to the follicular cells and helps maintain healthy hair. An Indian Head Massage if done correctly can decrease stress levels, diminishing the chances of Stress hormones (e.g. cortisol) sending panic-station signs to the follicles to ‘close down’.

We do not recommend you advertise having an Indian Head Massage to your clients as a remedy for hair loss, but if asked you can safely inform your client that it helps in releasing the relaxed hormone known as the Endorphins, which makes you feel happy and decreases the mental stress and headaches.

2. Will an Indian Head Massage help me Sleep better at night?

Stress is one of the biggest proponents of insomnia and an Indian Head Massage will immediately relieve stress by stimulating the blood circulation around the scalp at the same time as inducing a relaxed and soothing sensation.

Often times people need to dislocate themselves from their heightened state of cyber connectivity, centre themselves and collect their thoughts. An Indian Head Massage has numerous health benefits and bouts of insomnia can be tackled by encouraging the body and mind to relax.

3. Will an Indian Head Massage cure my Migraines?

A headache is frequently caused by muscle tension in the neck, shoulder, or upper back muscles. You do have muscles all over your head, and they can become tight. Common culprits are the masseter in the jaw, the temporalis (temples), upper trapezius (top of the shoulders), SCM (front of the neck), and the suboccipitals (back of the head/base of the skull).

The Indian Head Massage will cover those key areas on the body and help un-knot tense tissues that could be contributing a persons migraines or headaches. For aftercare you can recommend your client rests a heat pack around their shoulders and lying with a rolled up towel under their neck.

If your client is complaining of consistent headaches do recommend they see a GP.




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