Why Do You Need To Be Beauty Guild Accredited?

Why is being beauty guild accredited so important?

What are the benefits of getting this qualification?

Is it just about insurance?

Here at the Cambridgeshire Beauty Academy we offer beauty guild accredited beauty nail and holistic training courses. Today we’re going to talk about the importance of accredited courses and finding the right training provider for you.

Education and training is an essential part of our profession, it is important to make the right decisions about your training.

At the academy we get a lot of inquiries from students regarding the relevance of why it is important to enrol on courses that are beauty guild accredited.

Why is it important to pick a training course that is beauty guild accredited? 

The number one factor on why you choose a course that is accredited is for insurance purposes. You will not be able to gain insurance if you have not completed a credited course.

Public liability insurance is vital to start treating paying clients. Our guild accredited courses are accepted for insurance by the beauty guild and all other main insurance providers. If you are working in another salon your employer should handle the insurance for you but it’s important that you check this.

What if I am going self employed?

If you’re going self employed you’ll need to get your own insurance. Throughout our training courses here at Cambridgeshire Beauty Academy we always give our students advice on where to go to obtain their insurance.

Also look at the quality of the content of the courses which are being offered to you. Beauty guild courses are written by industry experts to a very high standard and also comply with the relevant national occupational standards.

Beauty Guild courses combine online  and practical learning. Our students will complete the majority of their theory online where they’re given full support of the beauty guild and us the training provider, Cambridgeshire Beauty Academy.

Students are provided with online course material which will help them complete their online modules. Shortly after they’ll be invited to attend the training centre for their practical training.

We find its a great balance for learners so they can gain all their underpinning knowledge and complete all their theory at their own pace at home. Then they attend the training centre for all their practical training where they are  trained by qualified tutors.

How do you know that the training you’ll receive will be high quality? 

Look at the tutors, trainers, lecturers. Industry experience is an advantage. All tutors that offer guild accredited training must have at 6 months experience in each subject.

All the teachers must hold a teachers qualification, be a guild member and have the relative insurance recognised by the beauty guild.

Check the reviews of the tutors

It’s also a decent idea to do some homework before booking a training course. You can do a background check on the reputation of the training provider. Look for online reviews, Trustpilot, testimonials from past students or success stories.

We’ll soon be publishing some success stories from our students here at the Cambridgeshire Beauty Academy.

Last thing to check before booking a beauty training course

Is the price affordable? Ours are displayed on this website with no hidden costs. The one thing we explain to our students is that they need to obtain their products and equipment following their training.

We provide all products throughout the training, but they will have to take into account that they will need to budget for purchasing products after training if they want to perform treatments on their own clients.

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