Research Notes On How Sugar Ages Your Skin

Today I’m going to share with you all some research I’ve been doing on sugar and what effects it has on our body and our skin.

They say your smile is your business card, the eyes are the window to your soul, but your face is a reflection of your diet.

There is a welter of information out there on the damaging effects of sugar. We all know the simple ones

  • Too much sugar can lead to tooth decay.

  • Abnormal spikes and troths of blood sugar levels can often leads to mood swings.

  • Sugar only satiates your appetite for a short time. A few hours later, you’re needing more sustenance, often in the form of sugar.


Some of the sugar you consume, after hitting your bloodstream, ends up attaching itself to proteins, in a process called glycation.

These new molecular structures contribute to the loss of elasticity found in aging body tissues, from your skin to your organs and arteries. The more sugar circulating in your blood, the faster this damage takes hold.

Ultimately sugar has a damaging effect to the collagen of your skin. When you have sugar in your blood stream it forms harmful molecules that binds to proteins that selectively target your collagen and your muscle elasticity.

This can lead to wrinkles and sagging of the skin. Your skin loses the structural support it needs which will lead to saggy pours.

What can I do to change my sugar intake?

Watch what you drink. Too much alcohol on a regular basis dehydrates your skin and will accentuate wrinkles.

Watch the fruit drinks. There’s a reason why some people warn against fruit juices. They become a sort of sugar fix and are devoid of fibre, they don’t fill you up like the full fruit and you end up overeating sugars anyways.

If you’re going to have fruit juices make them natural in a blender so you can keep the nutrients of the fibre. Another solution is to dilute them with water again for the same reason. Water fills you up and quenches your thirst and has no sugar.

Breakfast Cereal. Even as adults we’re still glued to over-sugary breakfast cereals and worse still, we’re now imparting those bad habits on our children.

Without getting too preachy, (I still eat breakfast cereal) try and look at other food groups that come recommended for a healthier breakfast. Eggs, Sunflower seed bread. Honey. Honey is about 53% fructose, but is completely natural in its raw form and has many health benefits when used in moderation. Try also putting honey in your morning coffee rather than sugar.

No more sauces. Or at least take a look at what you’re putting on that Tuna Melt inSubway. There are so many hidden sugars in sauces. Perhaps we can come back and look healthy sauces and alternatives to ketchup. If anyone has any recommendations I’d be keen to know.

Oppo Ice Cream. We all enjoy nights in with Netflix and that’s a dangerous time for us to over indulge in the naughty stuff. Oppo Ice Cream is delicious and is sugar free. Check it out.

What else can I do?

I’d recommend spending a couple of minutes a day watching a YouTube video on the effects of sugar. Don’t be put off with the science or the big words. If you don’t understand it all straight away then that’s fine. I certainly don’t and neither do most of the professionals.

The idea is to create a greater knowledge base so you’re aware of what is happening to your skin.




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